Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sinclair Inn 300th Anniversary - June 5, 2010

This event marked the first time the queen and the duchess used the Royal Carriage. It was an adventure! Getting in and getting out required some tricky manoueuvring to get the queen with the crown in under the carriage's hood. It was drizzling on the day so we needed to protect the costumes and the carriage. Our Royal Driver was magnificent - Raymond Longley had almost more fun than anyone on the day! Thanks to Raymond, his daughter Mary Longley Pecharsky and their friends who made the day wonderful with the carriage and Bonnie the lovely old horse who didn't turn a hair with all the goings-on. If you go to Ryan Scranton's Annapolis Heritage Society's terrific blog, you'll see all the correct information on the Sinclair Inn - see the left side of this blog for the link.

We started at the Town Hall, went down St. George Street past the Farmer's and Trader's Market, along Drury Lane to St. Anthony Street and then back along St. George to the Sinclair Inn. The queen and the duchess were greeted with posies given by a lovely young girl named Sona. The footmen were most attentive in helping us get in and out of the carriage. We visited with the artisans, saw the bagpipers, heard the lovely Acadian music from Wayne and Jeanne Doucet Currie and cut the terrific cake with the Royal Herald and his sword. Then back to town hall and a torrential downpour just as everything ended. Below are a series of photos from the day - a great day!