Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Queen Anne Cities and Landmarks

Aside from furniture, there are places named for Queen Anne. Here is information from Wikipedia.

- Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada - originally Port-Royal, it became Annapolis Royal when the British took sovereignty of Nova Scotia from the French in 1710. Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, Annapolis River, Nova Scotia and the Annapolis Valley take their names from the town of Annapolis Royal.
- Fort Anne, Nova Scotia - fortification in Annapolis Royal.
- Annapolis, Maryland, United States; the town of Princess Anne, Maryland, however, is named for Princess Anne of Great Britain, daughter of King George II.
- Fort Ann, New York - Both the town and its accompanying village are indirectly named after Anne.
- Queen Anne Town - Colonial port town established in 1706 near the tidal limit of the Patuxent River in Maryland, the town was later named Hardesty and never grew beyond the initial few houses and taverns.

City landmarks
- Queen Square, Bloomsbury, London - There is a statue in the square of Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III, but the square itself was built in 1708 and named for Anne.
- Queen Square, Bristol, UK - This was the first residential square built outside London, in 1702. Anne paid a visit to the site during construction.
- Queen Anne’s Gate, Westminster, London, UK - a short street created by merging a square with an inn-yard. A bust of the Queen stands half way along.
- Queen Anne's Corner, Norwell, Massachusetts - a crossroads in the Accord section of the town.
- Queen Anne Square, a park in downtown Newport, Rhode Island.