Monday, October 11, 2010

European Heritage Day at Fort Anne - August 29, 2010

It was a big day today in Annapolis Royal. Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, The Honourable Mayann E. Francis was able to be with us as we celebrated our various backgrounds which make up this wonderful community. There was a fashion show of costumed folks from down through the years assisted ably by Millie Hawes. Alan Melanson was the Master of Ceremonies and we had the Honourable Ramona Jennex of the Nova Scotia government on hand as well.

The queen and her entourage arrived in her carriage and then the carriage brought our Lt. Governor to the stand.

Here are some of the photos taken of the day - a very hot and humid day I might add - but an excellent event. I should add that the Lt. Governor had a wonderful time making a poker with Brad Hall, a local sculptor and sometime blacksmith.